This is the blog of FRC Team 971, Spartan Robotics from Mountain View High School.

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Meet Cyclone, everyone! See you at Davis and SVR!


The cheesy poof’s human player comes up with a use for the kinect station on curie.

(anyone who didn’t get to see this firsthand seriously missed out)

Good robot. You get a mechanical biscuit.

Jocelyn (our scoutermaster-in-training) at our prescouting meeting

Robo-people in Curie for championships: request for help!


Hi guys,

I’m the scouting captain for team 971, and we could really use some help at championships. We only have enough people to have 4 scouters (we need 6) for matches. We have this really cool scouting system run off of team smartphones, but it’s not helpful if we don’t have enough people to…

Division lists are out!!!!!


In case you didn’t already know.

We’ll be hanging out in Curie with a bunch of other awesome people!

See you guys there!


Silicon Valley Finals 2


many thanks to 254 and 766 and also to fantastic finalists 1868, 3256, and 751!